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About our project

Transmitting Science was born in 2012 as a project dedicated to organizing specialized postgraduate courses and workshops. To date, we have taught more than 135 advanced courses on different topics related to Life and Earth Sciences. These courses are focused on research and technical people at different stages of their careers.

The scientific knowledge generated within the context of the specialization courses has allowed us to develop activities and tools that make this knowledge accessible to the whole society. And with this objective, together with a great vocation for the work of scientific dissemination and diffusion, Transmitting Science To Society was born.

Transmitting Science To Society is a new platform from which we provide services dedicated to the communication of scientific content as well as the development of training activities in this area.

We have a team with experience in the development and implementation of scientific communication activities, as well as a network of collaborations with individuals and service enterprises related to scientific communication. Some examples are the consultancy KDV Decision Analysis LLC or the Eixarcolant Association.

Sharing scientific knowledge is our objective

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Transmitting Science Team

Soledad de Esteban-Trivigno

Soledad de Esteban-Trivigno

Co-Funder and Scientific Director

Co-fundadora de Transmitting Science y directora científica.

Juan Vicente Berto-Mengual

Juan Vicente Berto-Mengual

Co-Funder · Instructor

Co-fundador de Transmitting Science, gerente y coordinador de cursos.

Ana Rosa Gomez Cano

Ana Rosa Gomez Cano

Course coordinator · Commnication manager

Coordinadora de cursos y encargada de la comunicación.

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